Weed Eater String Cutter Rope Replacement

Usually rope replacement on a weedeater is a real pain, but this one was easy enough to do that I decided to show how.

First, you want to remove the shaft.  Usually there's two clamp screws and then the shaft pulls out.

Here's the inside after taking off the handle screw and six screws that hold the face plate on.

So there's the busted pull rope.  Now, what you have to do is wind the rope pully like you had pulled the rope all the way out.  That would be clockwise in these photos.  Then you want to align the hole where the rope comes out of the pully with the hole where the rope comes out of the body because you're going to thread the rope through the body hole and then through the hole in the pully.

I keep them aligned against the spring pressure by loosening up the little metal finger on top and sticking a piece of rope under the finger, then tightening it back up.

Here you see the new rope (I actually just used the existing rope in this case since it had broken off right at the pully) threaded through the body and looped around the anchor position.  I just have to reinstall the big screw to hold it in.

Now remove the little piece of rope that's holding the pully and let the pully rewind the starter rope.

When you put the front cover back on, the two little clutch levers are going to get in the way.  The second picture shows what I'm talking about.  Push them back with a small screwdriver or heavy wire from outside the cover and seat it all the way down.

Let's put the shaft back on and get back to work!