Snapper Blade Clutch - Comet Clutch

This little used Snapper had blade clutch control problems - there was no external adjustment, so it was time to take it apart.

Bladematic by Comet

Actuation lever is to the far left.  Three bolts off the engine mounting bolts hold the external case.  The small screw sticking out of the case on the left center can be used to hold the strap brake open.  The center bolt holds the central shoe assembly onto the engine shaft.

Outer case and blade brake assembly removed.  The brake shoes work on the shiny part of the hub.

Outer case assembly and the brake shoe assembly - a strap brake contracts the inner brake shoe assembly and keeps the blade from turning and the centrifugal brake shoes from opening. The cylinder above fits between the cylinder and brake shoes you see.  Failure on this unit was merely that the brake shoes had frozen in place. One sorta worked and the other didn't. All it took was breaking them free and lubeing the pivots.

Replacement parts may still be available, but I believe they are only available by subassembly.