Keylich - Lind House

Hyde Park - Austin, Texas


Keylich - Lind House

In 1907 Feodor Keylich and his wife bought eight lots in Hyde Park, built this house, and lived here until 1913. Alfred W. Oliphant, a dry goods salesman, resided here with his family until 1917 when John B. Gay purchased the property from the original owner, Keylich.

John Gay taught at the School for the Blind, and his wife Leila was a noted civic and church leader. The Gays sold the house in the early 1920s to Edward S. Williams and his wife Tulah. He died in 1938 and she lived here until the late 40s when Ralph and Nina Lind purchased the house.  Mrs. Nina Lind operated the Hyde Park Day Nursery out of her home from 1958 to the late 1960s, and it was she who had the third bedroom and half-bath added on in the 50s.

The house was rented, mostly to students, for several years, until 1975 when Thomas and Patricia Suehs purchased it and began external restoration. Charles and Laura Kichline bought the house in 1977 and have completely remodeled the interior.