1991 Ford Ranger 3.0 Spout Connector

I just finished with swapping out the distributor on my '91 Ranger 3 liter engine.
The only thing that puzzled me was finding the "Spout Connector" so I could set base timing.
Nothing that I could find was correct in either in my Chiltons or Haynes manuals, and the web is full of "On the right firewall, on the left firewall, on the left fender liner, within 4" of the distributor, within 4" of the ECU".   All bogus for my truck, how about yours?

Where I did find it is dangling on its pink wires out the ECU harness that passes over the engine and to the passenger side of the engine.
Mine was dangling out of the bottom of the harness, sandwitched between the valve cover and the right fender liner.
Photo with it flipped up.

Hope this saves somebody some time!