My Mods to the Photon Stove


To learn how to build the original Photon stove, go to
I made a couple of changes while I was building mine - maybe they'll improve it.

First, I punched all the burner holes BEFORE I cut the can, this made punching the holes a whole lot easier, and I didn't mess up the rim of the base can like I did on my first iteration.

The whole stove package fits in my 5x2.5" Mirro cookpot.

Here's the set, complete with lighter and 2oz. of alcohol.  2oz. is more than enough for a overnighter.

The biggest change I made was using more soda cans for the windscreen.  The bottom of the windscreen is three cans cut into strips just under 2.5" (so they would fit in the pot) and the top is two cans.  I lapped the can ends over and used metal duct tape to hold them together.  The third lap joint on the bottom is untaped so I can just slide it together.  The top of the windscreen has slits cut in the bottom, and slips over the bottom windscreen.

I didn't have a meat tin for the base of the stove, but a tomato juice can seemed to be the right size.  I cut a small notch into the side of the juce can base - it made the preheat fuel easier to light.

Set up and ready to go.

I've found that 2oz. of alcohol is more than enough for two meals, boiling water for the main course and a hot drink.  I think that the stove could be more miserly with fuel though, so I intend to plug a few of the jets with more epoxy until I get the performance I expect.