Full Time Power Windows for the Fiero
By Chuck Kichline

Power windows can be pretty handy, but I hate them because I'm always turning the engine back on just to roll them back up!
I've converted both my Fieros to "full time" power windows, where they work if the ignition is on or off.  I like it that way.

I understand that one of the reasons that the windows don't normally work when the ignition is off is so that kids don't
play "doggy guillotine" while you're away.  You may not want to wire them up full time if you have kids!

Sorry about the fuzzy pictures.  I gotta get a digital camera with macro focus.
  Start Here!
There are two circuit breakers on the right center of the fuse block.  The upper one fuses the power windows, and it is turned
off with the ignition.  The lower circuit breaker is hot all the time, and serves the power locks.  What you want to do is
share the power lock circuit with the power windows.

Disconnect the battery.  Take the two screws out of the front of the fuse block and drop the block.
Two wires out the back of the fuse block from the circuit breakers.
The power window wire is pink, the power locks are red with a black tracer.

You want to cut them both.  Be smart and give yourself an inch or two.  I cut mine too close to the block
SNIP!  Gulp!

Now you "T" (or Y) the two wires running off to the car to the red/black wire that you just cut.
I used a crimp connection.

Tape off the the end of the pink stub coming out of the fuse block

Pull out the top circuit breaker and put it in the spare parts drawer.  You don't need it anymore.

Reconnect the battery.

Run those windows up and down WHENEVER you want.  Only takes about 15 minutes.

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