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Here are my Fieros: (Bigger pictures underneath the thumbnails) 

I was the second owner of this '85 GT.  My first and last to go.
The Bat Mobile

HC Air Conditioner Update

It's a whole lot easier than trying to do a R134a conversion.  What have you got to lose?

FIX YOUR TCC (automatic transmission lockup) SOLENOID

My only Fiero problem has been with the TCC (Transmission Lockup) Solenoid on the '85 GT.
I fixed it, and took pictures as I did it and wrote it up.

Full Time Power Windows for the Fiero

I can't stand power windows.  A 15 minute fix makes them easy to live with.

Fix Your Ghost Wipers

Here's the easy fix for "Ghost Wipers" if you're lucky it will fix yours.

Repair Your Power Windows

I fixed mine!  Here's some information and photos to get you going.

Replace Your Sunroof Gasket

I replaced mine, just takes a lot of cleaning up.

I sold "Red Rocket" (86GT)
I sold "Snow White" (85SE)

The Bat Mobile was sold 11/13/06

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