Interesting Bits and Pieces
Going RETRO on a Zefal HPx pump

My old Campy/DuraAce Sekai

My Paramount Buell
one side
the other

BMW / Montegue folding bike

Bertoni frame details -
Bertoni was the house name for the Italian (Bianchi)
bicycles imported by Univega after they weren't Italvega anymore.
Head badge
Head and fork
Pantographed stem
Monogrammed saddle

Royal Asport frame details - Mystery French frame, all Reynolds 531 with Campy dropouts.
Seatpost labels
Head detail
Wheelstay  what does it say? Maybe "email luxe polymer" (one of Batman's enemies)?

Atala frame
Head badge
Head detail
Seatpost decals
oh YUCK! ugly BB weld

Seatpost decals
Puch head badge

Mid 70's head badge

Beautiful frame
Seat stays
Rear dropout

Put out for trash pickup with the ride number still on the frame!
Head badge

Trek 460

The Dented Austro-Daimler  What a shame, it was a Reynolds 531, Shimano 600 bike, but has a big dent in the aim of Daimler  (no wonder it was out for trash).

Interesting Bits
Campy Gran Turismo rear deraileur
SunTour Command Shifters
Maillard HelicoMatic hub and freewheel
Normandy HelicoMatic hub and freewheel

How the HelicoMatic works
Shimano Deore down tube friction shifters

When is a bike wheel like a potato chip?  (Often, if your junk is old enough!)
A Nisi chip

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