65.5 @ 65-1/2

Another un-birthday ride for my 65andahalf birthday.

I'd forgotten about doing my half birthday ride this year until I was reminded.  Unlike last year, when it was too hot and too windy, it was only windy this year.
5/27 was couple days late, but close enough.
Crazy new bike for me - 2003-4 LOOK KG386 rebuilt from a frame and fork.  Short wheelbase, but comfy enough for a longer ride.
Genuine photo after the 65.5 miles - all I could think about is a shower and some food.

It was a day of biting bugs - three times I had different insects land on me and try a chunk.  I guess I'm both sweet and salty.
Most notable sight was a dead rattle snake in the road.
Weather was windy but mostly cloudy which kept the temperatures in the 80's for the ride - last year's unbirthday ride was quit at 58 when it hit the upper 90's!
Managed to time the ride so well that I only had to loop two neighbors up the street to ace the distance.  Did keep the heart rate over 140 for more than half the time.

My daughter fed me masses of rice and fajitas for dinner the night before, and I guess I burnt it off.  For comparison, I burnt 4000 calories for my 64@64 ride, but I'm older and slower now!

And a shot of the Look after the ride.

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