65 miles to celebrate my upcoming 65th birthday

Goats wondering what the old goat is up to.

I was washed off this low water crossing around '95 - found that a good bike will float quite a ways.
There used to be a lot of low water crossings out here, but most have been bridged.

A couple of pinup shots of the Bianchi.   I hadn't intended to do 65 today, but the bike decided to roll along nicely.

Jollyville Plateau runs between the north and south branch of the San Gabriel River

Looking out over the North San Gabriel valley

I think this is an example of "Oak Prarie" which starts around Ft. Worth and runs west of I-35 and stops here.

Time to turn around INTO THE WIND and head back

Heading down toward the North San Gabriel on Hunt Road

North San Gabriel River - still in drought

South San Gabriel River valley

My 64@64 ride here