64 miles to celebrate my 64th birthday
(a day early)

Trying to smile....   I was happy, really!

I didn't know if I was going to make it or not.  We've had the summer from hell and it cut into my miles.
Between the heat and the drought, the views aren't so pretty either - things aren't usually all brown this time of year, but the drought has killed everything.
Road the '94 Specialized Epic that I built up from parts this year.  It's a great distance bike.

Waiting for the (empty) commuter train

The end of Parmer Ln. at Andice Road.  Looks like they're gotten to work on extending Parmer.

Turned around and started back south.  Had a slight drift from the north pushing me toward home.

Got off Parmer and onto Old Hunt Road.  It's rought as a cob north of the river but more like the roads out here used to be.

Hunt Cemetery - always a good stop on your birthday.

I can't ever pass up a photo by the old chimney on Hunt Cemetery Road.
Shows off the Epic's paintjob.

64.07 miles and 4000 calories later I'm home:

My 63-1/2@63-1/2 ride here

Birthday Card