A couple days early in the search of good weather

I can still pick it up after the ride!

Headed out a week early this year.  There's been NO "Spring" with drought, high winds and temperatures, so when good weather was forecast (80's and 5-10mph wind) I jumped.

Wildflower season should just be ending and everything green, but killer drought has knocked everything down.

Glamor shot of the '79 Echelon Odyssey at the old chimney on Hunt Cemetery Road.
Just picked up the Echelon a couple of weeks ago, and with the first ride KNEW it was a great distance bike.
Echelon were bikes built for a US Distributor (DIN Importing) by Hitoshi Konno's Cherubim shop.

About 1/3 way out of the North San Gabriel River valley.  Heading in, now into the wind - which seemed to be picking up.

Looking back down into the valley

Look at those flags flap and streamers whip!

AutoWeb's friendly water stop!  That's the kind of used car dealer I'd like to do business with.
They even have a real time weather station on the web  HERE
BAD news is that when I got home and checked the site I found that it was actually "just another day in hell" and it was 93 and the wind had been gusting to 25!!
Still fun though, and just glad I made it again.
Actually ended up with 63.9 miles.