I've ridden more than 30K miles on my 1974 Ellis-Briggs since I rescued the frame from a garage sale in '87.
But I'd let the tradition of riding of taking a miles=age birthday ride lapse over the last five years or so -
it was time to start again.

The plan was to take a nice 61 mile randonee, but about half an hour before I started out the wind shifted from the north at 20+mph.
After 15 miles of trudging straight into the headwind I knew it wasn't going to be fun continuing out, so I redid the plan
into two 31+ mile out and backs.

I remembered to take the camera on the second run. The wind hadn't let up a lick.
I'd ridden some of the old two lane roads on the first run, but didn't have the camera.
Normally it would be greener, but we had 15" of rain this year instead of the normal 30".

COLOR CHANGE in Central Texas
See the yellow and a little red-brown?  That's as good as it gets, pardner!

Heading out Parmer Ln. (Ronald Regan out here)
As little as five years ago, this was all two lane with low water crossings.

Looking across the South San Gabriel River valley.

Turned around and heading back south.

It's all downhill with the wind to my back from here.

Still RED that evening!

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