1984 Vitus 979 - Paris Sport

I picked this up from the original owner between Xmas and New Years 2010.  
It had been parked for a long time - witnessed by the contents of the seat bag - owner's '88 driver's license, '89 nickel and '91 dime.

Translucent blue, doesn't seem like anodize like me.

84-85 Shimano 600 drive group,  600 calipers with Diacompe levers, Simplex retro-friction shifters, Cinelli bars and stem.

Saturne rims with Miche hubs.  The original owner had replaced the Roval wheels that originally came on the bike

Vitus panto seatpost and the Paris Sport headbadge.  Paris Sport must have been a distributor for the frames, since the frame was built up and sold here in Austin.
Ets Fraysse refers to Vic and Mike Fraysse, the father and son owners of Paris Sport.