1984 Sannino
Interesting bike, almost from the original owner, but it lost its Galli components to Ebay along the way.
Very agressive geometry (75 degree head and seat) had me puzzled when I first set it up.
Mauro Sannino built these bikes after leaving Gios - 1979-~85.
No Nonsense bikes built for the Russian and Polish racing teams, and supplied to the "Russian Team" in the movie "American Flyers"
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Mish-mash of components - but it's what I had available.

Since I sandblasted the bike, I got to examine all the brazing.  All brass, no silver solder.
The Gios style seat stay caps are fabricated, not an end cap.

The rear seat stays are a very narrow aero shape.  Columbus Aero tube, or modified?

Blind drilling on the front and rear dropout.  I've seen this on Gios as well.

I try to keep the original finish on bikes, but this was too far gone.  I read that it is like this on most Sanninos.

Sand blast and primering.  The workmanship is magnificent.

When I started my setup, I found the rear triangle shoved over ~1/2"!
The Sheldon Brown kitchen floor frame jig and my kitchen table alignment jig fixed that!