1984 Olmo Competition

My best thrift store find ever.

Super Record Rear, Record front, "Pre-Super Record" Crank (webs cut out). High flange Record hubs originally had sewups, but I've substituted Mavic Open Sport rims.
Components are a mix of 1970's dates, so my guess is that it was a built up frame.

The bike was so forlorn in the thrift store that I walked past it once without even noticing!  I'd swear the whole bike was dingy BROWN when I saw it in the store, and the first time I even noticed she might be red was when I was loading her into the truck.  By the time I got it home and washed it, she started turning bright red....  protective coloration?  maybe mourning for her original owner?

It could still use some touchup and aluminum polish.

The fork chrome was lightly rusted all over.  A lot of elbow grease went into getting it looking acceptable again.

I call her Yoko Olmo.