Mondia Super

I'd always wanted a Swiss bike since the family originates from there.  Mondia was headquarted in Balsteil, about 20km south of Liesteil, the family home town.

Unknown year, but the serial number begins with 80 - could it be coincidence that the original components are 1980 as well?

Head shot, Dura Ace stem and Nitto bars.  All Japanese components including Dura Ace hubs, except for the Ideale saddle and  rims which were originally 27" Super Champion and shot.  I've replaced the rims with a 700c Mavic Module E on the front and a "new" Mavic Open Sport on the rear.

1980 Dura Ace (E date code) except for what has been replaced, engraved forks and what I call the "Swiss Fade" paint scheme.

Seat Lug

Dura Ace crank and FD, 600 RD, red and black pinstriping on the seat and wheel stays and top tube.

Shot of the original Dura Ace DynaDrive pedal and crank.  How many miles does it take to almost wear the Dura Ace engraving off the crank arm?  This bike has been ridden, lots.
 I just didn't enjoy riding it with cleats, so changed over to a normal DA crank and Looks.

Ideale Rebour saddle