1983 Austro-Daimler (Puch) Inter-10

In 2004 I found the frame of this bike put out for trash collection.  It had several large dents in the frame tubes so I stripped it for parts and put the frame in the attic.

In the Spring of 2009 I decided to attempt rolling the dents with Bicycle Research frame blocks.
It worked out well, and I've posted a how to HERE

Just as I had thought, it is a great riding, all Reynolds 531 bike, and here are some detail photos:

By '83 Puch was mixing the Puch namd and Austro-Daimler on their bikes in the U.S.
I used a set of DiaCompe SC (self centering) brakes - usually seen on Bridgestones.

The SunTour barcons came off of a broken Viscount I picked up a couple years later.

I think the crank is the only original component that found its way back on the Inter.
Puch was an early European adopter of Shimano components for their bikes.
Still have to replace the logos.

A good history of  Puch-Austro Daimler HERE