1994 Specialized Epic

Sometime in 1997 the previous owner lost interest in this tri-bike project he was building.  2011 he put the incomplete bike on CL.
I already had a '91 and knew what a sweet ride it is so I couldn't pass it up.

By 1994, lugged carbon fiber was passe, so they painted the entire frame rather than polishing the lugs and clear coating the carbon fiber tubes like in '91.
No labeling on the frame concerning materials.

Since there were only a few components with the frame, I kept all I could (none were original) and went for a retro look with downtube friction shifters and non-aero brake levers.

Derailleur cable stop is broken.  My guess is that it came off during the bike shop setup, and that's how the frame made it into the parts pile.

Paint is beautiful, with black to candy metallic cherry fade.

Compare it to photos of my 1991 Epic