1979 Echelon Odyssey
Frame by Cherubim

I found this bike after it had been in the local Craig's List for a little while

How could anybody resist this image?
But when I saw it I knew the workmanship was exceptional even though I'd never heard of Echelon.
It was clear that it had spent most of it's life hanging upside down in the garage.

Some of the sharpest workmanship I've seen.
Shop sticker is from the Braxton Bike Shop in Missoula, Mt. - a cornerstone of the original TransAmerica Trail.

Cinelli bars and stem, Universal 77 brakes, and Cambio Rino shifters.  Ishiwata 022 tubing.
Ideale Diagonale saddle

Specialized hubs and bottle cages, rims are Mavic Module-E
The original ~1980 bar wrap

I'd never seen Suntour Blueline deraileurs before, either.
Rear dropout finish is beautifully done.

The Echelon Odyssey frames were imported by DIN Importing.
I got this confirmation from Cherubim:
"Hi Chuck,
I've looked at your bike and I'm absolutely sure that it was built by us.
I'm not sure how many of these are built, but Cherubim's former chief builder Hitoshi Konno
built the several models for Echelon for the couple of years.
Your bike have luge sets and fork crown of our own, so there is no doubt about it.
Keigo Hirota"

I could tell right from the first ride that this was going to be an excellent distance bike.
I'd had it just a couple of weeks before it was time to ride my 63.5miles at 63.5 years ride.