1987 Specialized Team Allez
from Dave Tesch's Shop

I've been looking for an older Allez for a while, and found this frame under a table at the March Frankenbike swap meet for next to nothing.
I was hoping for a RED Allez, but the paint intrigued me.
After bringing it home and researching it, I found it was #039 of a run of something less than 100 (someone said 65) Team Allez built in the Tesch workshop in 1987.

All I got was the frame, crank and seat post.
Originally, the bike was all Dura Ace, but it appears that in its second life it was set up with 1990 Shimano 600.
Even the fork was gone, and thinking back, I may have seen it at the swap meet the month before!
One of the things that attracted me to the frame were the different graphics.

The components on it now are mostly parts that I had hanging around.  It rides nicely enough that I will probably try to return it to Dura Ace.

More gold lining on the graphics, and look at the diameter of those seat stays!
I tried to squeeze in an eight speed wheel by hand, and the rear just wasn't going to spread - so I stayed with a seven.

Notice that the Columbus SLX tube decal is missing?  That might have given a hint that it was different.
I've confirmed that it is SLX - the wheel stays are rifled internally.
The guy that sold me the frame told me it was special because he'd been told it was Made in Japan.
I didn't see the David Tesch signature until I got home and started researching the bike.

Sometimes it's more important to ride them than clean them up.