Plumbing Supply Telescope Camera Adapter

for the Fuji 2800

I was looking to take afocal telescope pictures using my Fuji 2800 digital camera.   I tested it out by holding the camera to the eyepiece, and occasionally got some good shots, so I knew it would work, but dedicated adapters were not available, and the clamp-on-the-tripod-hole seemed overpriced and pretty difficult to properly set up.  I noticed that the mid-range holders clamped on the eyepiece and used a t-adapter, but the 2800 (unlike the 3800) didn't have anywhere to screw a t-adapter to, anyway.

But I had spent enough time at Home Depot to realize that plastic plumbing fixtures came in a lot of convenient sizes.
The pile of parts: 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" plastic drain adapter,  2" to 2" rubber pipe coupler,  my oldest Meade 25MA eyepiece (convenient because it's 1.25od as well) and my Fuji 2800

The 2" diameter body extension is where you want to mount, NOT the zoom part of the lens.

Cut the 2" to 2" coupler in half, spread the cut part over the outside of the 1 1/2" end of the drain adapter

Then fit the part of the end of the rubber coupler over the 2" section of the camera body, and fasten it with one of the hose clamps.

Then I slid the eyepiece up the 1 1/4" side of the fitting and locked it with the twist ring.

My other eyepieces are slightly larger than 1 1/4", so it would take some modification to the twist ring and fitting to get a good mount there.  I believe there are some 1 1/4" to 2" rubber fittings - you might want to look into that.

And here's what the setup looks like on my ETX-70AT.

My camera set up is: flash off, auto mode,  and self-timer on.  When I use the full 6X zoom, it is zoomed enough to focus on all of the rather small eyepiece.  I've shot at all three resolutions.  With the 2meg resolution you cannot get additional digital zoom, while there is some digital zoom at 1meg and quite a bit of digital zoom at 640x480.

Examples using my ETX-70AT   (70x350):
2meg moon
1meg moon + digital zoom
640x480 moon + digital zoom

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