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The famous Burr Oak Observitorium
"If a little bit is good, a whole lot has to be just GREAT." - Jannis Joplin
"I wish I had learned more about astronomy before I learned to arc weld" - Me

Transit of Venus - Meade 60mm with film solar filter - 6/7/12

Repair of  a Celestron NexStar4 with the secondary mirror bezel problem

Moon shots with the ETX-70 - 6/15/05

Moon at full zoom with my Fuji 3800 - 1/21/05

The moon is still the moon ETX-70 1/13/05

Moon the next day with my Orion 8" (200) SVD 9/24

Continuation of moon photos with the ETX-70  9/23

Sunspot with the ETX-70 and my Celestron film solar filter.  This is the sunspot that was so big on 8/13..

More moon photos 8/26  more experimentation with the ETX-70

First moon photo with home made Fuji 2800 adapter through the ETX-70 - 8/24  (moon was still in the trees)

Fuji 2800 digital camera adapter from plumbing supplies.

First sun photo - 4pm 8/13/04 - Meade 4500, Celestron 32mm eyepiece, Orion glass solar filter, Fuji 3800 handheld.  Took one, then the clouds appeared.

Moon photos - 7/24/04 - Orion 8" SkyView Deluxe

I've very pround of my Astronomy Life List database "program" for the Palm.  I work better with goals and keeping records.

I bet my childhood Gilbert reflector isn't around anymore. I rescued somebody else's childhood Jason 60mm refractor at a garage sale for $5.  Actually not for the scope, but for the 40mm Celestron Kellner eyepiece that was included.  Unfortunately, I couldn't see ANYTHING out of the scope after I got it home (it was described as being in the garage for about 15 years).  Disassembly showed that the front doublet was a little cloudy.  It was easy to disassemble and clean and gave me another scope to play with.

I took it outside since it was a full moon, and took some pictures of the moon!

Moon view