First Cut with the Smithy

I'd bought a dual action air sander at a garage sale for $2, but when I got it home I found it was cheap because the plastic poppet valve had melted!
Bought a 1/2" aluminum rod and went to work.

Turning the valve - just two diameters.

The shoulder on the bottom is for locating the spring

Pulled it out, hacksawed it off the rod and flipped it over.  This is the sealing end being faced.

This is what the valve stackup looks like.  New piece is ready to go in.

Spins like a big dog (and also DOESN'T spin when you don't want it to!). New tool repairs old tool!

Second cut, 2/1/04. My Guerchoti bicycle had a old Campagnolo bicycle crank that wouldn't downshift between the front sprockets reliably.  Took .020 off the back of the sprocket mounting arms and now it shifts like a dream.  First time I used the milling attachment.